Associate Pastor for Children Search

We welcome Lauren Slingerland to WPC as Associate Pastor for Children.


Thank you to those on the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (listed below)
for faithfully serving on this committee.

Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

Ben alexander

Ben is currently an Elder and is serving his second term on the Session.  He previously taught Senior High Sunday School for 12 years, has served on the Education Committee, and currently serves as Chairman of the Weekday School Committee.  Ben and his wife, Cathy, joined Westminster in 2001.  They have two children, Cate (15) and Caroline (13).

Kelley Barnhardt

Kelley and her husband, Jay, joined Westminster in 2002.  They have five children ages 14-1.5 and are big fans of the children’s program.  Kelley taught Senior High Sunday School for six years, served on the Witness and Service Committee, volunteers at “It’s Elementary!”, and recently joined the Heritage Lecture Committee.

Kathryn Freedman

Kathryn is married to Allen, and they have two daughters, Murray (15) and Julia (12).  She joined Westminster in 2006, and since that time she has served on the Long-Range Planning Committee and the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee.  She is a past Moderator of the Presbyterian Women and currently serves on the Session and the Finance Committee.

Cathy Grills

Cathy and her husband, Pat, began attending Westminster as Furman students in 1969.  They joined in 1978.  Cathy has served as a Senior High Advisor, has taught Sunday School from preschool to adults, and was Director of the Piedmont Manor Summer Program.  She has been on the Session three times, as Education Committee Chair and Coordinator of the Preschool Division and Children’s Church.  She volunteers with “It’s Elementary!” and IHN and attends Circle #3 and the Theology Reading Group.

Lydia Kellett

Lydia has served on six committees seeking pastors for WPC.  She has also served on the Witness and Service Committee, including as chair.  Lydia and her husband spent four tours representing WPC in Africa and 20+ in Central America, including the Dominican Republic.  Though she has a heart for foreign mission, her focus in the local community has always been with the under-served, especially at Pleasant Valley.  She has also served three times on the Session and as moderator of Presbyterian Women.

Kevin Lancaster

Kevin was born in Atlanta and grew up in north Georgia.  He received a BA from UGA and attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he  earned his MA in Religious Education.  Kevin and his husband, Stephen, met 20 years ago.  They joined WPC in 2001.  They have been members of The Flock, volunteered with IHN, participated with Dine with Nine, and taught children’s Sunday School.  Kevin also assists with VBS.  Their son, Preston (5), sings in the Cherub Choir and is the center of their lives.

Elizabeth Palmer

Elizabeth is married to Jason, and they have three children, Whit (11), Laney (10), and Louisa (8).  Elizabeth joined the  church in 2010.  She currently serves as an Elder and as Chair of the Education Committee.  She is a member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee and is a youth basketball coach.

Cara Puntch

Cara is married to Bryant, and they have three children, Anna (9), Claire (7), and Charlie (3).  Cara joined Westminster in 2008.  She is currently serving on the Women of Westminster Board and on the Emergency Preparedness Committee.  In addition, she teaches 4th and 5th grade Sunday School and an adult Sunday School class for young moms.  Cara is the Director of the Weekday School.

Neil Shurley

Neil and his wife, Jennifer, joined Westminster in 2001.  Since then, he has taught both adult and children’s Sunday School, served on the Heritage Lecture Committee, participated in both hand bells and Chancel Choir, run sound during worship, and helped create the Theology Reading Group.  As a member of the Session, Neil was responsible for leading and recruiting volunteers for Kindergarten – 5th grade Sunday School.  His children, Emma (14) and Shaw (12), are active at Westminster.