For generations members of Westminster have brought their pledges forward on Commitment Sunday as a public act of faithfulness. When we pledge we commit the fruits of our labor to one another, making our faithfulness known to our families, children, friends, and the gathered congregation. We align ourselves with the vision and values of this congregation, and commit to the ways God is working through us.  Commitment Sunday is November 13.

Rooted in the past, Westminster is poised for growth, transformation, and impact as we face a new year.  Please prayerfully consider your pledge for 2023.  Thank you for your commitment to making Westminster a church that is grateful and growing!

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Why consider pledging to the church, offering a one-time gift, or including us in your will?

We believe that everything we have—our lives, our “stuff,” and, of course, our money—is a gift from God. We respond to God with gratitude, giving of our resources as an acknowledgment of the the abundant gift of grace that we can never repay. We take seriously the commandment to follow Christ to the end of the earth, to make disciples and baptize and teach, to bring good news to the poor, in order that we may join God’s transformative work in our world. When you give to Westminster you are sharing in our work and mission, and ensuring that we can continue to participate in God’s mission here in Greenville and throughout the world.


For Westminster to thrive, it is essential for participants in the life of this church to support the work God has called us to do. A pledge, made annually by members of all ages to support our annual budget, is one way we actualize this call, allowing us to keep faith with our mission partners and ministries.

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Make a Gift

We encourage you to make a gift to Westminster as you feel led. Your giving supports the ongoing ministry of Westminster as well as our local and global mission partners. We honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that our financial integrity remains above reproach.

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Planned Giving

In both facilities and ministry, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, those who have gone ahead of us, and with their gifts of time, talent, and treasure have provided for our continual growth and maintenance of our facility. If you wish to learn more about Planned Giving, please contact Roxanne Cromartie.

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