Sermon Archive

DatePastor Title Scripture HarbingerSermonVideo
2/25/18Mary Kathleen Duncan"A Letter to Our Children" Exodus 20:1-17Download
2/18/2018Leigh Stuckey"Floody, Floody"Psalm 89:1-8DownloadWatch
2/11/2018Youth Sunday"Symbols of Faith"Matthew 5:13-16DownloadWatch
2/4/18Ludwig L, Weaver, Jr. "Holding Each Other In Our Hearts" Philippians 1:3-11 DownloadDownloadWatch
1/29/18Philip Yancey"Spirits to Avoid"Mark 9:14-40 Download-not available--not available-
1/21/18Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."Race, Sex, and Politics"Luke 21:5-19 Download DownloadWatch
1/14/18Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."Westminster — Our Goodly Heritage"Matthew 4:18-22 Download DownloadWatch
1/7/18Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."Where is the Child?"Matthew 2:1-12Download DownloadWatch
12/31/17Mary Kathleen Duncan"A Baby Named Hope"Luke 2:25-38DownloadDownloadWatch
12/17/17Leigh Stuckey"Yeah, I Think She Knew"Luke 1:39-56DownloadDownloadWatch
12/10/17Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."Who Are You?"John 1:19-28; Isaiah 40:1-5DownloadDownloadWatch
12/3/17Ludwig L. Weaver Jr. "Do You Believe in Jesus?"John 4:46-54DownloadDownloadWatch
11/26/17Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."I'm Not Too Crazy about This Scripture Passage"Matthew 5:1-12DownloadWatch
11/19/17Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."Let's Get Him Some Preaching Lessons!"1 Corinthians 2:1-16DownloadWatch
11/12/17Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."And You Thought the IRS Was Tough!"Acts 5:1-11DownloadWatch
11/05/17Ludwig L. Weaver, Jr."What Does God Expect of Me?"Luke 18:18-25DownloadWatch